Captured Mary’s

Looks like the COVID season is taking its own sweet time to end . As the lockdown still continues, I decided to indulge in reading and writing so much so that I can improve my literary skills. Not only that I  have also decided to try my hand at blogging. I am eager to express […]


Let’s turn back the clock to a simpler time, when we were kids; Curious, Impressionable, ambitious little kids. We all had a dream job and all of us aspired to be something. Some of us wanted to be astronauts, and some wanted to be in the police, while some wanted to be the President or […]

Innocent we to selfish we

That childhood of yours was full of love and you were always pampered. Are you still loved by someone? Yes, you are but in your childhood, you never measured the amount of love people showered upon you, but now you measure it and that’s because now you have become concerned only about yourself. Do you […]

Last days of my college life…

Yes, the truth is, these are the last days of my college life! I really don’t know whether I will be getting a chance to experience college again but the three years of my undergraduate studies will be the most memorable education I have had. I would cherish each and every moment of my college […]

Brown and Lovely

A fish needn’t be told how to swim nor a dog be told how to bark or wag its tail. Perhaps, it’s just human beings that need to be told to be ‘Humans’ all the time. From questioning this truth, actually not doing so, I wondered why people misbehave or use hurtful statements when we […]

The Ripple Effect

Recently I attended a workshop at the American Corner, St. Francis College, which was conducted by an American lady, Naomi Ackerman. She and her friend Vanessa were part of the ‘Avdot Project’.  Ackerman began by explaining the word ‘Avdot’ meant ripples in Hebrew, and that she along with her friend worked with juvenile delinquents from […]

A Chadian’s Grit

I can write about him although I don’t have his permission. He would be more than glad to read this piece, wherever he is now. Introducing Siboro Issakha from Chad, from the class of 2017 at St Mary’s College, an unassuming boy, with a smile on his face and always seated on the last bench. […]

The Boy Who Changed!

“It is not our abilities that show who we truly are, but our choices.” Most of those who know me will also know that I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, or well, as a matter of fact, of J K Rowling! As the headmaster rightly said, our choices are what truly matter, and today, […]

Life at Mary’s!

ST MARY’S COLLEGE! It is not just a college but something way beyond that. Hundreds of new students join St. Mary’s every year with a lot of expectations, excitement, enthusiasm, and, yes, some with fear and anxiety! I was one such person who was really scared on the first day of college! It was scary […]