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Innocent we to selfish we

by | Mar 21, 2020 | Short Story, Testimony, Uncategorized

That childhood of yours was full of love and you were always pampered. Are you still loved by someone? Yes, you are but in your childhood, you never measured the amount of love people showered upon you, but now you measure it and that’s because now you have become concerned only about yourself.

Do you still remember your first flight somewhere, and do you still get goosebumps when you think about it? 

Here’s how my first flight was, that first flight that brought me somewhere far away.

My experience 
I was a cute, small kid but yes, a too mysterious one, always wanted attention from people and whenever they appreciated how I am, that feeling was something which I couldn’t describe. I was in my 1st grade and it was my cousins marriage for which we were planning to visit India from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

I was born and brought up there and it was my first experience travelling by plane. I was very excited and my mom kept telling me stories about the scenes we saw through the windows. We had all packed our suitcases and my uncle dropped us to the airport. As I reached the airport, my small innocent mind thought we were already in the plane. I thought we were loading our baggage directly into the plane. As we were standing in a queue for the next process, I thought all through that we will be standing in the plane till we reach Hyderabad.

Now I know how foolish that was but after all the process when we had to go towards the plane, it was a bus which took us there and when we got into the bus I thought we had reached Hyderabad. I said, “Daddy, how is Hyderabad so similar to Jeddah?” and daddy started laughing out loudly and everyone on the bus was smiling at me. Then, the bus stopped near the plane and my dad told me, “Here is the plane and after 6-7 hours you will reach Hyderabad”.

Then I wondered how beautiful and large was the plane. Seeing in pictures it seemed to be small and when we saw it high above in the sky it looked very small and tiny. When I got inside I saw how many seats and people were there in the plane. For the complete 5 hours I was trying to count how many people were sitting in the plane. Innocent me, my mummy was shouting at me to sit down and tie the belt but I wanted to roam around the entire plane. And then I was too tired as I hadn’t slept the whole night in my excitement, and then just 30 minutes before the plane was to land, I slept off. Mummy and daddy were trying to wake me up to show me that beautiful view while landing but once asleep, I was a monster. Then my daddy had to carry me on his back all the way and I finally woke up in the car. As I woke up, I started crying about why they brought me out of the plane and no one could calm me down and then, I slept again crying.

This is something I miss about growing up. That innocence, that cuteness which no longer exists now. We have all now grown up to be selfish and think only about us now. Though we have much more knowledge now but we lack love, the love for our parents who always loved us and pampered us for every small thing we did.

These planes and technologies are meant to work for bringing people closer anytime and anywhere but somewhere we humans are creating barriers and going away far from each other emotionally. It is not only our presence together that matters but also our emotional togetherness that matters.

Yes, thinking about oneself is not selfish but having too much, measuring all that one has and still expecting more without caring for anyone else is being more than selfish.