Last days of my college life…

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Testimony, Uncategorized

Yes, the truth is, these are the last days of my college life!

I really don’t know whether I will be getting a chance to experience college again but the three years of my undergraduate studies will be the most memorable education I have had. I would cherish each and every moment of my college life for the rest of my life.

Initially, I was also one of those who hated going to college and I always found reasons to escape going to college, but then everything changed. Now I get bored of holidays!

Change is good!

What all are we going to miss now? Bunking classes, hiding from our lecturers when we bunk, our lecturers who were like friends, our buddies, chilling out in the canteen, playing in the ground, and of course, gossips!

When I look back now,  I realize that college gave me an opportunity to find myself and made me who I am now. I could utilize all the positivity that I found here and could build myself. People now recognize me the way I am and I couldn’t have asked for more.

The credit goes to each and every person at college because a great institution is not made by a single person. To start with, surprising as it may sound, I will miss the security personnel who always stand at the gate.  They were like an army providing protection, but also never letting us slip out without permission! The aunties who keep each and every thing in college neat and tidy. Even when students throw wrappers on the floor, they would still pick it up with a patient smile. I will definitely miss their warm smiles! Our lecturers and our Principal sir were more like friends and have helped us in all ways. They were always available and have given us immense support no matter what it was, whether it involved academics or extra curricular! I am greatly thankful to them for tolerating us and also for correcting us every time we erred! They are the best!

There is family, there are friends, and then there are friends who become family. The best thing I am taking along with me are my friends who are now family for me! I am going to miss all my juniors who used to greet me as ‘Hey, sis!’ (Well, actually, most of them call me peddakka!) I am going to miss my favouritest place, our college canteen and definitely, the ‘chicken trolly’ there! And, of course, gone mads and lays from the kiosk. Though we had limited space in the ground amidst all the cars, we never left a chance to play! I wonder if we would ever get an opportunity to play in that ground again. And, also, the neem trees in the ground under which most of us love sitting. I’m going to miss all the events in the college. And, of course, our Theatrix!

Last few days in college will soon be done with and then, we will be called alumni. That is a natural process, but then every single one of us will have tears rolling down on the farewell day! It is one thing to know in your head that this is how it would be, but it is totally different to feel those emotions in your heart!

It is hard to leave this place!

The end to the most memorable days of my student life is almost here. But, it will also be the beginning of the next phase of my life! We need to move on, taking fond memories of Mary’s with us. Memories that would last a life time!

I am Anjali Reddy and I’m signing off as a proud StMarian!

I am #MadeInMarys!