Last days of my college life…

Yes, the truth is, these are the last days of my college life! I really don’t know whether I will be getting a chance to experience college again but the three years of my undergraduate studies will be the most memorable education I have had. I would cherish each and every moment of my college […]

How Friends Change Life!

Almost everyone out there has friends! There is certainly nothing unusual about that. And, every stage of one’s life demands a friend, no matter what! A friend is a person who is always besides you, corrects you, accepts you the way you are and never judges you! Throughout our life journey, we meet a lot […]

Life at Mary’s!

ST MARY’S COLLEGE! It is not just a college but something way beyond that. Hundreds of new students join St. Mary’s every year with a lot of expectations, excitement, enthusiasm, and, yes, some with fear and anxiety! I was one such person who was really scared on the first day of college! It was scary […]