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Captured Mary’s

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Media, Testimony, Uncategorized

Looks like the COVID season is taking its own sweet time to end . As the lockdown still continues, I decided to indulge in reading and writing so much so that I can improve my literary skills. Not only that I  have also decided to try my hand at blogging. I am eager to express myself as a student of St.Mary’s College. So here comes my first ever write-up.

My journey at St.Mary’s has been quite delightful (still continuing).  And  being part of the Zariye is like  cherry on the cake. Photography has explained to me new things and what I derived out of it is ‘happiness’. A camera not only captures the beauty of human lifestyles and emotions but also the very details of nature that we often miss in our day-to-day life. A photo can describe a conversation between  man and nature. It’s a special art of expressing one’s feeling in it.

While capturing some moments at St. Mary’s, I learned a lot and I went through many feeling as the  camera showed me in a beautiful  way. Those are the best memories of my life. I am glad to be a member of the  photography group,Zariye.

One of the most fulfilling experience is when I shot candid photos. Clicking candid photos can be fun and exciting, But the downside is that can become annoying when the subject is aware of the camera. Never forget the camera while enjoying with friends. A true candid shot is when the subject is not aware and conscious about being in a certain pose. I feel the best pictures taken are the candid ones ,the real self. Candid photos are more genuine and seen as more authentic. This above photo was clicked on the oath taking ceremony. This has been my best memory. I was so happy to see Principal Sir posting it on his Instagram page expressing himself.

This picture  captured in ISO 800, the shutter speed is around 1/1000 of a second. The photography which I love more than  any other is the  sports photography. The Camera captured  the whole team; when the players  look towards their goal with full concentration .Their  expressions, waiting eagerly for the goal shows their hard work  and dedicated practice.  Sports photography boosts up  the photographer because it challenges one to capture motion pictures, blurred pictures etc. I like this kind of photography with ISO, focal length shutter speed. 

This picture is an example for Pose Photography. In Pose photography, one can capture one’s photo in his/her  own unique style. One can take complete control of camera into one’s hands  and  focus on  the subject or  the background. I have covered many events, competitions, sports in our college, and every time I  learnt to capture  different candids in different styles. Learning photography is more fun and exciting when photos are clicked under different fields of lighting.

I look forward to click more and more happy faces of friends and family and everyone around me, so that I can relive all the moments once again.

Happy World Photography Day!