It’s Only Words…

“Think not those faithful who praise thy words and actions but those who kindly reprove thy faults.” –  Socrates, 400 BC The ability to handle criticism well is an important life-skill. We all ‘know’ that criticisms – more than praises – provide opportunities for growth. After all, success is a poor teacher. Even when we […]

The Ripple Effect

Recently I attended a workshop at the American Corner, St. Francis College, which was conducted by an American lady, Naomi Ackerman. She and her friend Vanessa were part of the ‘Avdot Project’.  Ackerman began by explaining the word ‘Avdot’ meant ripples in Hebrew, and that she along with her friend worked with juvenile delinquents from […]

In the Business of Transforming Lives

I was once questioned by a teenage student of mine, ‘Why are you so concerned about me when no one else cares?’ I had tried to enquire why she looked low one morning many years ago in one of my higher secondary classes in a prominent school in the Republic of Maldives, where I worked […]