Innocent we to selfish we

That childhood of yours was full of love and you were always pampered. Are you still loved by someone? Yes, you are but in your childhood, you never measured the amount of love people showered upon you, but now you measure it and that’s because now you have become concerned only about yourself. Do you […]

St. Mary’s College: Testimonial

Hello there! I’m Akshat Thonangi. I study B.A. Mass Communication, Journalism Political Science, at St. Mary’s College (final year) (2016-19 batch). When compared to all the other educational institutions that I’ve studied at, since the beginning of my academic career, the experience at St. Mary’s College has been the best. When I finished my 12 […]

Langala Deha, Dami Poshaka: A Review

Existential angst is not self-inflicted rather induced by the society we inhabit, the ecology we observe from and the experiences we encounter in different walks of life. Langala Deha, Dami Poshaka (Naked Bodies, Costly Attires), a collection of four short stories by Bahibala Akshaya is a commentary on the various forms of existential angst. These […]


THE SWEATER            It was a great morning. A sound sleep last night enabled me to actively start my day. I woke my daughter up at 8 a.m. “Get up baby or else you’ll be late for your school”. She was cuddling to her pillow and her bed sheet as the climate was […]