Hold on !

Hold on to humour, let go Off the armour And let yourself be for a while ……. What came to you this year was finding a way since long . And what didn’t is still waiting for you to complete the unwritten song . For every cry you had It had a subsequent laugh for […]

Let it go

There she hears a lullaby in her ears Lines of happiness and sorrow So soon as those temple bells calls her name That way the door opens Footprints on the sand starts drying Letters fly through windows Air becomes blur Tears flow into pond Day turns into dawn Moon goes behind the clouds Dusk still […]

Starry nights and the fireflies.

I lie under the starry sky, hoping to soar high. The twinkling stars appears like the souls of lost. The fireflies, glowing so bright. I trap them in a glass, like the dreams of the future. I cherish the moments I have lived all along, While composing my life like a brand new song. The […]

खुदा के नाम एक नारी का खत.

ए खुदा! ये कैसी दुनिया बनाई तूने? अगर बनाई भी…तो औरत क्यूँ बनाई तूने?   तेरे बनाए हुए बन्दे भूल चुके हैं, औरत की इज़्ज़त करना  | ये तो दिखावे के लिए मातारानी की पूजा करते हैं |   हेवानियत पर उतर आए तेरे बन्दे जो दिन रात शिकार की तलाश में रहते हैं | […]


Every day I look beyond the horizon Hoping to find what I lost a long time ago. But all I see is the darkness seeping through An emptiness that has no void. What Faith gave me, Hope could not. What Truth gave me, Reality could not. What my Thoughts gave me, My Vision could not. […]

Somewhere in my dream

SOMEWHERE IN MY DREAM by -Anshikaa Khatter Somewhere in my dream serene and blissful I start beautifully naive across the shore I am with the shine and you going low DO you remember me ? while I make your shadow passing through a meadow sparkling upon the waves hiding me behind Sinking into depth I […]