Captured Mary’s

Looks like the COVID season is taking its own sweet time to end . As the lockdown still continues, I decided to indulge in reading and writing so much so that I can improve my literary skills. Not only that I  have also decided to try my hand at blogging. I am eager to express […]


A term that traces back to the 13th century doesn’t signify just one thing. Art is subjective; it can mean whatever one wants it to. In order to give you some perspective, art is a manifestation of one’s creative imagination. It is self-expression, it is an emotional revelation. The emergence of art occurred way before […]

Hold on !

Hold on to humour, let go Off the armour And let yourself be for a while ……. What came to you this year was finding a way since long . And what didn’t is still waiting for you to complete the unwritten song . For every cry you had It had a subsequent laugh for […]

Let it go

There she hears a lullaby in her ears Lines of happiness and sorrow So soon as those temple bells calls her name That way the door opens Footprints on the sand starts drying Letters fly through windows Air becomes blur Tears flow into pond Day turns into dawn Moon goes behind the clouds Dusk still […]

Dare the Dragon

The ban on 59 Chinese applications which consumed away the quality and productive time of nearly 30 percent of the people of India is a timely step by the Government of India. Though the reason could be the siphon of data of the users by China through these applications, the menace is much larger. The […]


I watched the movie “Virus”  based on the 2019 Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, which led me to ponder a few things/ ask a few questions:  What if Mother Earth is just like a healthy human being with all its oceans, seas, rivers, forests, trees & wildlife; seething full of life just like an average […]

Cybergala – The Annual Club Conclave

Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls… Presenting to you the virtual 2020 lock-down special edition of our Annual Club Day… coming to you at 3:00 pm on May 8, 2020. Watch it here! The Student Council of St Mary’s College and the Department of Student Activities welcome you all to this never-like-before event. Grab your […]


Let’s turn back the clock to a simpler time, when we were kids; Curious, Impressionable, ambitious little kids. We all had a dream job and all of us aspired to be something. Some of us wanted to be astronauts, and some wanted to be in the police, while some wanted to be the President or […]


  Mathematics is an ancient subject that can be discovered all over the place and in all things. Such a case to the point that we normally know, is food. Food, or the way toward cooking, contains various exercises requiring the utilization of an extensive variety of mathematical skills. The association of food and maths […]

Innocent we to selfish we

That childhood of yours was full of love and you were always pampered. Are you still loved by someone? Yes, you are but in your childhood, you never measured the amount of love people showered upon you, but now you measure it and that’s because now you have become concerned only about yourself. Do you […]