Life has become so much easier after public transport developed in most cities. I remember my grandma telling me how times were back then when the only way to reach a relative’s house was by a bullock cart or a human-pulled rickshaw. Some people walked to work, while others took whatever transport options they had […]


Have you ever observed the very first thing people say when they meet you? Well, they actually do not say anything immediately, but they do a quick scan and end up saying, “Hey dear, looks like you’ve put on some extra pounds” or “Oh dear, what’s wrong with you? Why do you look so undernourished?” […]

खुदा के नाम एक नारी का खत.

ए खुदा! ये कैसी दुनिया बनाई तूने? अगर बनाई भी…तो औरत क्यूँ बनाई तूने?   तेरे बनाए हुए बन्दे भूल चुके हैं, औरत की इज़्ज़त करना  | ये तो दिखावे के लिए मातारानी की पूजा करते हैं |   हेवानियत पर उतर आए तेरे बन्दे जो दिन रात शिकार की तलाश में रहते हैं | […]


THE SWEATER            It was a great morning. A sound sleep last night enabled me to actively start my day. I woke my daughter up at 8 a.m. “Get up baby or else you’ll be late for your school”. She was cuddling to her pillow and her bed sheet as the climate was […]