Product Placement In India

A short assignment, submitted in the ‘Media Market and Media Law’ class, as part of an international student exchange program in Communication and Media Science, by the European Union, named ‘Erasmus+ KA 107 Credit Mobility Project’, at Budapest Metropolitan University, in Budapest, Hungary. Product or brand placement is a form of advertising that in turn generates […]

St. Mary’s College: Testimonial

Hello there! I’m Akshat Thonangi. I study B.A. Mass Communication, Journalism Political Science, at St. Mary’s College (final year) (2016-19 batch). When compared to all the other educational institutions that I’ve studied at, since the beginning of my academic career, the experience at St. Mary’s College has been the best. When I finished my 12 […]

Hungarian Parliamentary Elections- 2018

After what has been termed as a grueling, semi-extremist and ill-financed election campaign, backed by a racist and shrewd political agenda; the citizens of Hungary have delivered a mandate that resulted in Viktor Orbán winning the parliamentary election by becoming the Prime Minister for the 4th time. By securing two-thirds of the seats in the […]

The Conundrum

My publication, at the University of Montana, in the Mansfield Center, promotes better understanding of Asia, U.S. relations with Asia, and ethics in public affairs. This was part of an international student exchange program named Study of The U.S. Institutes (SUSI) on Global Environmental Issues. I was amongst the 5 participants selected each from Brazil, […]