One Day at a Time!

by | Apr 14, 2024 | Poem

Count your blessings, they are the rewards of your intangible good deeds.

Count your savings, they are the evidences of your blood, sweat and tears.

Count your tears, they are more valuable.

Count your mistakes, because every mistake you do now definitely counts.

Count your choices, because in the end you are the only one accountable for it.

Count the beautiful moments you share with people around you.

Count your words, they help you to speak wisely.

Count your steps in life, the correct ones show you the direction.

Count your advises because that’s what builds you into a better person.

Count your well-wishers, that shows us how we’ve lived our lives.

Count your mistakes, they remind you the number of times you’re forgiven.

Count your strengths and weaknesses till your strengths outweigh your weaknesses.

Count your gains and not your losses.

Count your friends, not your enemies.

Ultimately count on someone in whom you can trust.

Count your days, because everyday you’re given a new opportunity.

Count your courage and not your fears.

Do so because it helps you to live “ONE DAY AT A TIME” .