by | Sep 11, 2021 | Poem

I come in blue, I come in white,
I come in green which is not so bright.
Life to many, a resource to many,
A wifeless life? That’s so funny!

I span across the wide globe,
Wish I could drown a homophobe!
For I’ve never had a family,
and no one comes to me willingly.

I’ve had a long lengthy mortality,
Sadly, no more,
My mental health is low due to this brutality,
That’s for sure.

I’ve seen love, I’ve seen lust,
I’ve seen it all,
Will never get it, would still crave it,
There goes my downfall.

Oh! I’m such a dove yet I there’s no one I could trust!

A mother to all, a friend to none,
Badly need a wife cause now I can’t run.
The ones I fill are the ones who kill,
All just for the thrill.

I wash their sins, quench their thirst,
Keep them clean, I keep them clear,
But they, they poison me, ruin me, pollute me, they shatter me.
Putting a visible end to my morality,
Finally forcing me to unleash by barbarity.

With very less time and very little technology,
Can they stand against my rapid climatology?
The end is near, I say with fear,
Conserve me sooner or you’ll deserve no better,
For there would be no later, which is much better.