Musings about a Gator

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Poem, Uncategorized

Crude abhorrence kept growing ever so swiftly,

Only for a silver to flare it just slightly.

My calls for a buttress got nays very grimly,

But then you sprang to my side paradoxically.


Taught me the way to a heart, I was mystified,

Astonished, I declared my hate unjustified!

Not even in anticipation we’d collide,

I stared into the wintry gloom just starry-eyed!


The sly universe stirred up this rare acquaintance,

Abandoned us without a guide for maintenance.

Engrossed in the endearing mellow cadence,

Those alluring quavers jostled my surveillance.


The testaments are my crystallines and the moon,

Rockets chirping in the cold mist at the lagoon.

Strong winds but I’m at the centre of the typhoon,

Whose eyewall would soon displace my heart like strewn prunes.


Who knew that a bee could seek multiple flowers

Like the way you showed how we could have no powers.

Mild scent tried to haul me out of concrete bowers,

My sanity in your gallivanting towers.


I was the mature one and also the martyr,

I didn’t know better, that I could let people suffer,

Suffer with their own lives and let mine recover,

It did change me and strangely built me more tougher.


Your manipulation flew away like a leaf,

And I’ve held onto those inessential beefs.

No chance for a very solitary sneak peak,

My vulnerability is fluid from leaks.


The candles coddled me, I’ve wept in wait for it,

The breeze comforted me, swept away when time fit.

The twilight scared me, denied your claims for a bit,

The agile sky stabbed me into an endless pit.