The Perspective Trilogy

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Poem


I was approached by a succulent tone

Letting my guard down into the unknown

You pulled back until the mystery had grown

The crux is that my heart wasn’t of stone


In the wake of your luscious lather

I realised why I was not farther

The barter on those stairs grew much darker

Saw you as my knight in shining armour


Whirling like a bloke I want to explore

Grey was the guipon you nervously wore

Oh no how did I not see this before

The way you look with a vapour galore


Two pellucid holes placed in murky poles

Darker than my kohl and even my moles

Lies deep in your soul, I struggle to scroll

Should you be my goal? I shall raise a poll.



Unkind eyes keep poking and tearing me

Oh, as I look at you to lend a hand

The screams from my past saying, ‘let me be’

They are deriding the way I can stand


Lucidity, that is all they can take

I see your eyes are no longer buoyant

It is like I’m chewing a rotten cake

When you are being extremely avoidant


The age-old tale only in a new paint

Choking me like I am a little pawn

Every mortal that smiles is not a saint

Cannot claim that honey as it was drawn


To see my rescuers mingle

With the venom in my laceration

Takes my comfort back around the spindle

To preserve my dire emancipation



Maybe you were here for just one reason

That is to get me to pursue my pen

Naturally without any friction

To put down realities in season

To pull me out of this creative den

To write about things other than fiction