Sunsets and Smiles

by | Mar 30, 2024 | Uncategorized

A 4-day escape from the monotonous life
Who knew that it was what we needed
To live and survive?
What we craved, we never knew, was a chance to truly unwind.
And leave the monotonous plight behind.

From strangers in desks to a bond that won’t fray,
Friends forged in laughter, a bond here to stay.
Hand in hand, a silent vow,
Smiles erupted like mistletoe

Together we explored,
From farms to each other’s habits
We grew and soared without fear
Our smiles and friendship ring clear

Away from the bustling city,
In a quiet little hamlet pretty
We stayed with strangers who weaved love
Becoming grandparents we never had all above

Learning and playing cards
Playing cards, We learnt how to deal with the cards life dealt us.
Surely, the village life grew on us
forging a canvas.

Walks in the sunset and golden light,
Dinners on the floor brought us delight.

The love and bond we have now is stronger than ever
Making me realise, that the city could never
Bring us as close as we are now
For that, I will be grateful forever.


Note: This poem is a narration of the thoughts and emotions experienced by my class (BA 3) on the educational trip we took to Zaheerabaad. The purpose of the this trip was to learn more on rural development communication. While we did learn a lot on the rural communication dynamics, we ended up learning a lot more than just that. No classroom could ever bring us this close or teach as much as this 4 day trip did. I hope this poem serves as a reminder of all the shared memories and good times we had.
– Bellary Raagini.