by | Oct 2, 2021 | Dreams

Dream! What was the first thing that came to your mind when you read the word ‘dream’? Was it a pipe dream or was it a dream come true? Whatever the case was, I hope all of us dream and achieve beyond our wildest dreams.

For me, dreams are my escape from reality; they are a place where I become a child again, who is waiting with arms spread out for the world in front of her to nourish, nurture, encourage, and guide to become a woman of gratitude. Dreams give me strength and hope to live on. Sometimes I dream about the things I had cherished in the days gone by. I am grateful and happy about them. I have a way to relive the moments again that were full of joy and pleasure. And sometimes, I dream about the things I am yet to achieve in my life.

There is an old saying, ” Fake it till you make it”. Although it is just simply five words, the depth it holds is immeasurable. However, even when we want to follow that and make our wishes come true, we need a place to practice faking! If we need to fake possessing a quality or capability or thing till we actually make it or have it, then in the real world, where do you find the place to do so without getting into trouble? I find that place in my dreams. I practice possessing the things I dream of in my dreams itself. My dream is my garage where I relive my happy moments and also work on the things I am yet to achieve.

When we take a picture, we are freezing our age and emotions of that moment. When we dream, we are either going back and reliving a moment or we are living and enjoying a moment that we haven’t experienced in our real lives.

When we assemble thoughts of hope, love, and life, we may dream about the situations or things we want to cherish in our life or has already cherished. These often need not be any big career-oriented dreams but could be dreams about simpler things in our life.

Of late, I have been dreaming about a world full of positivity, a world back to the old normal before the pandemic, one in which the word positive had a positive feel to it, where we did not live in fear of dreadful diseases or of meeting our lovely fellow beings.

I hope all of us dream, whether big or small, whether it is about a moment that we already lived or are looking forward to, whether we are sure of reaching there or are full of doubts. But, dream on. Get the courage from your dreams, get up and make them a reality. Every one of us is here on a mission that has different schedules, different measures of success, and different time frames. Don’t hold back on dreaming about your dreams and working towards making them a reality just because you are not sure. When you dream about your desired future, you are on the first step to achieve that. Reliving our cherished moments and continuing to live a grateful life can provide us with the strength and comfort to deal with doubts and take the subsequent steps.

May all our dreams come true!