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Abstract: Impact of Work-Life Balance on Indian Women Entrepreneurs

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Research

Impact of Work-Life Balance on Indian Women Entrepreneurs
Ms. Hasini Reddy, BBA student
St Mary‘s College Yousufguda Hyderabad

Abstract: Climbing the entrepreneurial ladder requires working longer hours and dealing with difficult and complex issues. Some days in the business place and likely fun and positive and other days are tension-filled with stress. Keeping equal steps in this patriarchal society, women are more serious about the progress and existing in the business. The need of today’s society is to encourage this concept and assist for it to percolate down to the community at large and to strengthen the women. It is a common phenomenon; the majority of women entrepreneurs are knowledge workers and work harder and longer. So it is a tough challenge for women as they have to perform a lot of duties at home as in the workplace as well. With the unprecedented increase in the number of women entrepreneurs to earn their livelihood; it is very hard for them to complete the work responsibilities and domestic responsibilities. Although modern technology produced physical strength, the strain of brain work has been increased to a large extent. This paper is mostly based on secondary data and some observations; for the identification of these issues, the author has reviewed different research articles and reports. The findings of this study reveal that a positive work-life balance between family and career obligations of women entrepreneurs is the success of business.

Keywords: women entrepreneur; work-life balance; livelihood; role overload, positive aspect.

Paper presented at Shamshodhana, IIMC in November 2023