Abstract: A Study on the effectiveness of the Marketing strategies adopted by Nike in Reference to the athletic footwear and Apparel Industry.

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Abstract: A Study on Marketing strategies adopted by Nike in Reference to the athletic footwear and Apparel Industry
Dr. Himani Raval, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Management
Narna Mallika Reddy, Student, Department of Business Management
St. Mary’s College, Hyderabad

Published originally in the International Journal of Business and Management Invention (IJBMI) ISSN (Online): 2319-8028, ISSN (Print):2319-801X www.ijbmi.org || Volume 12 Issue 10 || October 2023 || PP 12-17


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In the sportswear sector, Nike is a well-known brand known for its effective marketing techniques. This research paper will look into Nike’s marketing approaches for its sports footwear and apparel lines, pinpoint the crucial elements that have fueled their growth, and evaluate the methods’ efficacy. A combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies is used in this study. The qualitative approach entails a thorough analysis of the literature on brand management, marketing tactics, and the sportswear sector. An online survey is sent to a sample of Nike customers as part of the quantitative technique to collect information on their awareness of Nike’s marketing tactics, preferences, and purchasing patterns. The study’s findings suggest that Nike’s marketing techniques, such as branding, advertising, and sponsorships, have been crucial in establishing the company’s reputation and winning over customers. Nike’s affiliation with famous athletes and sporting occasions has improved brand recognition and image. To reach a larger audience and engage with customers, the study also emphasizes the significance of including social media marketing and digital advertising in Nike’s marketing mix. In conclusion, this study offers insightful information regarding the marketing tactics used by Nike in the sportswear sector. The results can be used as a guide by other businesses in the sector to help them create marketing plans that will give them a competitive edge.

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Dr Himani Raval

Dr Himani Raval is an Assistant Professor of Management, and currently, the Head of the Department of Business Management at St Mary's College. She has over a decade of experience in teaching management students at UG and PG level. Prior to joining St. Mary’s College, she taught Business Management and held administrative positions at reputable colleges in Bangalore and Rajkot.