Cybergala – The Annual Club Conclave

Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls… Presenting to you the virtual 2020 lock-down special edition of our Annual Club Day… coming to you at 3:00 pm on May 8, 2020. Watch it here! The Student Council of St Mary’s College and the Department of Student Activities welcome you all to this never-like-before event. Grab your […]

It’s Only Words…

“Think not those faithful who praise thy words and actions but those who kindly reprove thy faults.” –  Socrates, 400 BC The ability to handle criticism well is an important life-skill. We all ‘know’ that criticisms – more than praises – provide opportunities for growth. After all, success is a poor teacher. Even when we […]

TS Award for Meritorious Teachers to Mr T Joseph Christadoss

Congratulations to Joseph Christadoss T, the Head of the Department of Social Sciences, Mass Communication, and Life Skills at St Mary’s College, on being recognized by the Government of Telangana with the State Award for Meritorious Teachers. Of course, we must say that the government is now recognizing what we always knew: That he is among […]

When the false dawn of equality is actually the death of aspiration!

World Development Reports, in the past, have often indicated that the biggest problem of poverty is the inability to take well-considered decisions due to lack of knowledge. Lack of effective primary and secondary school education leaves the citizenry ill-equipped to know their reality and take appropriate decisions that affect themselves and others. This makes a […]