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I watched the movie “Virus”  based on the 2019 Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, which led me to ponder a few things/ ask a few questions: 

What if Mother Earth is just like a healthy human being with all its oceans, seas, rivers, forests, trees & wildlife; seething full of life just like an average healthy human being exudes lots of energy.

And what if one day, we entered Mother Earth like the virus entered our human bodies and we cut its trees, burnt all of its fossil fuels, polluted the environment, abused its resources to create a concrete jungle identical to how the virus uses our own cells, our organs, our metabolism and abuse our bodies to replicate and sustain itself.

And what if the melting of Glaciers is Mother Earth’s way of panic sweating and tsunamis are her way of throwing up and what if the wildfires are Mother Earth’s way of showing high fever and Earthquakes are Mother Earth’s way of segmental seizures and what if we have already brought Mother Earth to the brink of extinction just as a virus-affected patient shows those symptoms on the brink of death.

Maybe Corona is Mother Earth’s medication for the virus she is suffering from; The Human Virus and it looks like Mother Earth is responding well to this medication. The Doctors who are treating Mother Earth in ICU must have exclaimed: “It’s a Medical Miracle!”  as it began to show positive signs of recovery for the first time since it got hospitalized in 1850 (the end of first Industrial Revolution) 

The medication has stopped the virus from spreading (As people across the world are bound to their homes), helped it start recovering from a lung infection (due to reduced carbon emissions) and has shown progress in other vital signs of life (With the birds chirping around, wildlife finding its way back and nature healing itself). The doctors are hopeful of a speedy recovery if things go well in the same stride.

Below is the Medical History of Mother Earth

1) Admitted in 1850 with mild symptoms of cough, headache & fever (First signs of industrialization)

2) Shifted to ICU in 1950 due to deteriorating health condition (The two world wars and Nuclear proliferation)

3) Surviving on Advanced life support systems since the dawn of new millennium (The never-ending, ever polluting saga of development)