Starry nights and the fireflies.

I lie under the starry sky, hoping to soar high. The twinkling stars appears like the souls of lost. The fireflies, glowing so bright. I trap them in a glass, like the dreams of the future. I cherish the moments I have lived all along, While composing my life like a brand new song. The […]

The Boy Who Changed!

“It is not our abilities that show who we truly are, but our choices.” Most of those who know me will also know that I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, or well, as a matter of fact, of J K Rowling! As the headmaster rightly said, our choices are what truly matter, and today, […]

Why am I here and not somewhere else?

“Dreams are dime a dozen, it is their execution that matters!” That one particular quote plays a very significant role in my life. I remember this being told by my mother a million times, I remember this being on one of the walls of my house and I remember this being an opening line to […]

Life at Mary’s!

ST MARY’S COLLEGE! It is not just a college but something way beyond that. Hundreds of new students join St. Mary’s every year with a lot of expectations, excitement, enthusiasm, and, yes, some with fear and anxiety! I was one such person who was really scared on the first day of college! It was scary […]