Sunflower 🌻

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

Like a sunflower you blossom
Shining brighter than the big sun
Everything you do is awesome
Being with you is so much fun!

People just see your face and smile
But they fail to notice your soil
Something that’s deeper than a mile
I hope they don’t simply recoil.

You are not just your golden face
The minerals in you are rare
A culmination of old grace
That purifies ominous air.

Vivid beauty lies in the bugs
In the butterflies and the bird
That harbour your comforting hugs
Through a kindness that is unheard.

You are an enchantress of love
Whose roots reach the darkest of hearts
Boasting peace like a little dove
Your elegance is taught in arts!

During dusk you shall slowly plunge
My only wish is for someone
To be there even in the grunge
For sunflower, you are the one!