Navaratri and Naari Shakthi

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Spirituality

Bathukamma and Navaratri Festivals have brought out the flowers, colour and garbha dances to the fore. For all of us who have been passing through “muted and masked” life in the last one year, there is some relief by way of celebration though with caution. People are coming together to celebrate life, togetherness and enjoy food. Beyond all this we need to know that festivals are designed in our country with a powerful message.

Nava Raatri is when the Goddess is depicted in different forms and worshipped over Nine Nights. This festival and stories of past depicting various goddesses can be juxtaposed with the earthly woman who prominently reflects and nine roles rolled into one to become the modern day Naari – a reflection for all of us on this Navarathri festival.

As BALA TRIPURASUNDARI, the young girl grows up happily with virtues under the care of her parents with love and affection.

She grows into GAYATHRI, acquiring academic and worldly knowledge and radiates shine, aura and brilliance around her.

Lalita means the charming and as LALITHA DEVI, she exists with ease and spontaneity.

In the day-to-day life for the sustenance of her family, she provides delicious and tasty food, even while she and her family get ready to rush through the busy lives. She stands out in the kitchen as ANNAPOORNA DEVI – a master Chef.

Without money there is no world. The woman too toils, fights in the competitive world and earns money to support her family and dons the role of MAHALAKSHMI, the goddess of wealth. In fact, statistics show that women are known to save more out of their earnings than men, that too in diversified investments.

She then turns into SARASWATHI, a role, all of us as teachers are playing to educate the children not only for their living but also teaching values for life. As she goes home, she teaches her own children and lays the foundation for their knowledge and upbringing.

As the woman armed with inner strength, exuberating confidence and courage she plays the role of DURGA DEVI trying to constantly juggle evil and toss it over for the sake of the good.

When things go wrong, when people around play havoc, she does rudra taandav. Like the modern day SHE TEAM she ensures the wicked are punished. As MAHISHASURA MARDINI, the wicked king is slayed and crushed with her weapons to give caution to the world on the need for good and acceptable societal behavior.

And as she plays the multiple roles and having demonstrated the sum total of all energies, she becomes RAJA RAJESHWARI, the embodiment of Care, Mercy and Grace. After the victory of good over evil, she rests, blessing everyone even as the world celebrates the Vijaya Dashami.

The world should recognize the tough turf on which the woman toils from morning to night, day in and day out and the multivariate role she plays with commitment, sincerity, ease and courage. She deserves the applause and respect and the right to live with dignity. In response, she as Mother of Mothers showers her love and smiles for the world to be a happy place. Let’s take the lesson out of this festival and salute the Naari Shakti of the Nation and the world.

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Dr Sri Lakshmi Ramu

Dr Sri Lakshmi Ramu has taught commerce and management at the undergraduate and postgraduate level for over 25 years in reputed colleges and business schools across multiple cities. Winner of several awards, her enthusiasm and vibrancy endear her to her students.