It’s the same!

by | Nov 25, 2017 | Uncategorized

It’s the same!

Have you ever thought that the different stages of our life are akin to that of a year?

Just imagine, when a new year starts, there is still a little bit of chill and plants ever so slowly start to recover to explore the world again! Isn’t that almost like a new born baby, which slowly tries to explore this world through the safety of his mother’s hand?

Oh! The beautiful spring is next! Those lovely months of February, March and early April! Those new lovely leaves, so green, so pure and refreshing. So symbolic of life! Those primroses and heather over the moors plenty. The childhood of a person’s life is when joy, happiness, friendships and games mean everything to them.

Then there is May! Don’t be fooled by its name for there is nothing ‘may’ about the month! One can be sure about those harsh temperatures! Rivers and taps go dry. Or, the water is boiling! The teen years is when the innocence of childhood gives way and young adults begin to face harsh truths about life! The competitive world begins to tell them that they need to fight to stay afloat, to survive!

The monsoon months of June, July and August come next.

Rains, like coins, have two sides. Rains brings about life. But, often death and destruction too!

While the peacocks dance, the trees and shrubs blossom, and the Savannah transform, disastrous floods and diseases spread too. There is freshness and new life, but plenty of lives – of birds, animals, insects and humans alike – get snuffed out too!

I think, Monsoon is just like the twenties and the thirties. The people in that age bracket have problems with jobs, money, and society which open up frightening vista of possibilities that may render them powerless. But, you know, beyond all that, people often find their true love, which is like a breath of fresh air! Beauty emerges amidst vulnerability. An experience so pure and magical that it’s like being reborn!

And then there is November. The chill settles in and bones rattle, and oh those poor old men who outlive their youth, they struggle to stay aloft. Trees start shedding their leaves and it’s all gloomy. What a Fall!

Finally, December! There he comes, death with open arms and embraces us in his deathly chill and removes any sign of life too. The year too succumbs to the death’s rattle and sinks into its hidey hole from where it comes no more.

Just when all seems lost and desperate, there out of those dark skies, bursts a ray of light so pure that it illuminates the entire world and from its bosom, a new year is born.

Life always finds a away! Life always resurfaces and life cannot be extinguished. Life is a fighter, which doesn’t give up. That’s worth remembering! Don’t ever give up on life either!