How Friends Change Life!

by | Oct 28, 2017 | Dreams, Uncategorized

Almost everyone out there has friends! There is certainly nothing unusual about that. And, every stage of one’s life demands a friend, no matter what! A friend is a person who is always besides you, corrects you, accepts you the way you are and never judges you! Throughout our life journey, we meet a lot of friends but only a few of them will remain close to our heart: Our Best Buddies!!! A  true friend is indeed a blessing in this complicated world.

If your friend offers guidance, suggests solutions, takes responsibility, holds you tight when you are low, wipes your tears at your tough times, finds their happiness in yours, share your thoughts and aspirations, supports you, and is your helping hand no matter what the situation is, then buddy, you have hit that friendship jackpot! The love and care that friends share are truly priceless! Hold on to that even when you are the most successful person in the world. There is a reason people say that you should not forget your roots!

Holding on to friendship is often more difficult than leaving it. Ego is among the biggest friendship killers. Everyone knows that, but it continues to ruin friendships. When you expect your friends to be perfect, it is good to ask yourself if you are perfect in the first place! But, before all that, you should first be that ideal friend who is always there when needed. A Friend in need is a Friend indeed! That is what matters and not whether you talk to or text your friends everyday.

A big skill that one develops growing up is the ability to differentiate between fake and real friends. Friendships make us vulnerable. In fact, that is what makes friendships so beautiful. Yet, often, we fall and get hit by people we trusted the most. The disappointment when a friend turns out to be fake is difficult to handle. Even then, the best way out is still to stay calm and just take it as a lesson for the future! I have personally experienced this disappointment many a times in the past. Some such experiences almost made me doubt if there was really anything called friendship. Thankfully, life continues to be full of surprises and for every such disappointment that I have had, there have always been other experiences that have restored my faith in the beauty of real friendships!

Life threw me a bunch of friends who went on to change my life! Thanks to their friendship, I’m stronger and more mature now. I now know that my friends are not perfect. Just as I’m not! There are fights and misunderstandings, there is ego and then, hurt. There is also love. Care. And, so much more! All that makes up our bond! Now, whatever it may be, irrespective of the situation I am in, I know that my friends are just a call away! One thing I have learned is that you apologizing for something doesn’t make you a small person. Never let ego win or, true friendship, lose!

Choose your friends carefully for they will change you. Do not invest in friendships that only you care for. Move on without wasting your time and efforts any further. Yet, continue to have faith in friendships. Stay true to people for whom you mean the world and who values you for what you are! Value and appreciate all the good friends you have and stop expecting wonders from anyone. And, all said and done, you need to live your life and learn to balance relationships in your life. Your life is yours!

Live for the moment and make your tomorrow what you dreamed of today!