St Mary’s College aspires to be an institution that transforms student lives. The college has its roots in the vision of a teacher who wanted to make a difference; who believed that education ought to be transformational. We, at St Mary’s, know that real education is transformational, having seen thousands of our students go on to become successful in their own right.When truly transformational education is possible, to not provide that to a child is unpardonable and costs a lifetime. We are committed to ensure the best outcomes for all of our students who have entrusted their precious time to us.

Precisely because we are determined to make a difference in what our students can do, what they care about, what they can be capable of learning further and what they become, we expect our students to commit their time and attention to the process of education. For only then can we make a difference and ensure the outcomes that we work so hard for. And, it is precisely because we make a difference that we are proud of our alumni, many of whom are outstanding professionals in their chosen field. Our students are, as we often say, Made In Mary’s, for the world!

Even as we want out students to get the best from their education here, we also want them to be making fond memories for a lifetime. It is this commitment to both outcomes and student experience that has made St Mary’s College the most sought-after undergraduate college in Hyderabad.

Of course, it helps that we have the coolest students in the Twin Cities!



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