Democracy : A Fool’s Paradise?

Democracy is widely viewed to be the most effective way of governance. What could be better than an administration that is elected for, by and is of the people? It is indeed the best thing that could happen to civilization, as it gives every citizen the power to influence the future of their country. Yet […]

It’s the same!

It’s the same! Have you ever thought that the different stages of our life are akin to that of a year? Just imagine,¬†when a new year starts, there is still a little bit of chill and plants ever so slowly start to recover to explore the world again! Isn’t that almost like a new born […]

What is true love?

Long have I debated within myself about what true love is all about. What I have come to understand is that love and respect are two sides of the same coin. Even though we can look at only one side at any given time, we can be assured about the presence of the other. Love […]