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A term that traces back to the 13th century doesn’t signify just one thing. Art is subjective; it can mean whatever one wants it to. In order to give you some perspective, art is a manifestation of one’s creative imagination. It is self-expression, it is an emotional revelation.

The emergence of art occurred way before Homo Sapiens wandered around the earth. It is reported that the first ever piece of art was by a Neanderthal; it was a simple carving on a shell, that’s all. Now, we recognize that as an art piece. From the ancient cave paintings to the present 3D design all we see today is art. Why do we feel the need to be creatively expressive? Why is art important? The answer is as simple as the question. Art has this distinctive element which moves people. It incites new ideas; it inspires us and provokes enthusiasm, curiosity, and outrage. It is just as a humane quality as it can be.

Art is probably the only example of humans giving meaning to the meaningless. It is an important aspect of the society because of its powerful nature to enlighten and empower people. Art influences the masses by altering opinions, instilling morality and ethics and translating experiences throughout different time periods.

Art in its essence is communication. It allows people of various communities, cultures and backgrounds to interact with one another via images, stories or sounds. As history has shown, art is often a vehicle of change; it gives a voice to the voiceless, and in doing so, brings us together.

Literature, paintings, music, sculptures and other forms of art are considered to be an archive of a society’s shared memory. Art conserves what historical records cannot: the feeling of how it was being there.

Art celebrates all things past, present and future. And the world celebrates art together.